Our policy has been very simple – COMPLETE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION- always. For this the people at Keshava have been and continue to make every effort possible to :

  • Continually improve on implemented Quality Management System and cGMP
  • Comply with all required regulatory requirements in letter and spirit.

Environment, Health & Safety:

Keshava realizes its responsibility to create a safe & healthy workplace for its employees and maintain a clean environment for the benefit of future generations. We ensure this by

  • Efficient scrubbing system to control gas emissions
  • Solid Waste Disposal through Regulatory Authority Approved Site
  • Primary Effluent Treatment Plant to meet Regulatory Standards
  • Use of all necessary safety equipments
  • Periodic training to all workmen and staff
  • Green Coverage in and around the facility
  • Medical treatment facility with local hospital
  • Routine medical checkup for employees

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Keshava believes there is an interdependence of business and the society around it. Hence it is important for us to contribute to the development of the society. We have focused our efforts in the field of education, health and social needs.