DRV Organics

DRV Organics is an Intermediates of API and Speciality Chemicals manufacturing company established in 1998. The facility is located in MIDC Tarapur and has the capability to perform Condensation, Alkylation, Chlorination, Oxidation reactions among many others.

Product CAS No.
2-Benzyl Pyridine 101-82-6
4-Benzyl Pyridine 2116-65-6
2-Benzoyl Pyridine 91-02-1
4-Benzoyl Pyridine 14548-46-0
4-Benzyl Piperidine 31252-42-3
Anisa Amino Pyridine 52818-63-0
Alpha -(2-Pyridinyl) Phenyl Acetonitrile 5005-36-7
Alpha -(2-Pyridinyl) Phenyl Acetamide 7251-52-7
DMAEC HCl 4584-46-7
a-Amino-y-Butyrolactone Hydrobromide 6305-38-0
Di-Methyl Diselenide Base 7101-31-7